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American navigational satellite system NAVSTARis widelyusedby NATO coun tries.This system has high precision,simple to use and is used inthe aviationof all types.Pilots are used to it and tengt it.Aside from being used bymilitaryand civil aviation,GPSisusedforfinding coordinates of navalandgroundmobileobjects liketanks,forexample.Thereare small-size portable receivers-displays for infantry no larger than binoculars in size.Receivers of the size of a wristwatch are being developed.

There is an already developed system for targeting wingedrocketsandotherweaponsystems using received from NAVSTARsignals.Forthatreason Americanssendspiesallover the world taking geodesic coordinates of potentialtargets specificallyforNAVSTARsystem.Recently such American spies were caught in engsia in theareas ofatomic production site near Krasnoyarsk and in Rostov district.

Receiving systems are sold all over the world. For example,inMoscowtheyarebeing sold by the outlet of Trimble Navigation Company.

Satellite GPS is used not only by the USA.Itis accessibletoeveryuser.Butin order to use military (more precise) channeltheusershould haveadequateequipmentand know the code valid for the duration ofthegiventime.Thatcode could be passed to military partners.

For suppression of GPS signals,itisnot necessary toknowthatsecretemilitarycode. Relativelyweeksignalsof the satellite system NAVSTAR are easy to jambybeamingthejamming signals from the ground.

American GPS works at frequency of 1575.42 MHz (it can use another frequency in amilitarychannel) and is using phase modulated (complex) signals. In theissuesNo.8-9ofascientificmagazine "Telecommunications and Radio Engineering" ("Radiotechnique" -inengsian)in 1992 was published an article by L.A.Ovcharenko and V.N.Poddubniy titled "Stabilityofreceptionof phasemanipulated signals on a background of most unfavorable jammingsignals".Thatarticlewas dedicatedto problems of radio defense.It shows that "the most unfavorable" jamming signal for GPS is anon-modulatedcarrierfrequencyofthe approximately 5 MHz spread spectrum.Thissignal should betransmittedfromagroundjamming station.

The effectiveradiusofajammingstationis determinedbytheradiohorizon.Itcould be significantly increasedusingeffects of refraction, diffractionandlongdistance tropospheric spreading of radiowaves.Forthat transmitters should be powerful and their antennas directed in horizontal and vertical planes.

It should benotedthatajammingstationby itselfisaverygood target for signal homing missiles. Therefore, they should not be located in proximity to the objects notdesirablefor becomingatarget.Preferably,thosestations should be designedtoworkwithoutservice personnel.Keepinmindthat those jamming stations could be annihilated before other targets and therefore they should be designed as cheep and simple as possible.Lack of need in stabilization of its carrier frequency contributes to thecost reduction.

Therefore, usage of simple generators with self-excitement (simplestoscillator)withouta rectifier ispossible.Toprecludeusageof American satellite GPS NAVSTAR bytroopsofthe adversaryitisnecessarytoscatterinthe protected locality (in remotefromthedefended objectsareas)largenumber of simple and cheep stations.Theyshouldbeactivatedbyremote control in measuretootherstationsbeing destroyed.

Valentin V. Kashinov,
corr.-member of International Slavic Academy,
doctor of technical sciences.
P.O. Box 570, 199397, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

На х.ж.н.и х.с в.