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Original message:

Comments by Kashinovfollows:


WASHINGTON (AP)--Civilianand military ships and planes couldfeeltheeffectofa Pentagon plan to disrupt its satellite navigation over North Carolina next week.

The Defense Department will holdteststo prepare for potentiallossoftheGlobal Positioning System--amilitary-runnetwork which provideslongitudinalandlatitudinal coordinates for ships and planeswith appropriate receivers.

The tests and accompanyingdisruptions could affect thecivilianshipsandaircraft that use the 24-hour network to help guide them.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the Coast Guard issuednoticesFriday,cautioning pilots and ship operators against relying on GPS signals during certainfour-hourperiodsfrom Monday through Saturday next week.

However, a spokesman for the U.S.Atlantic Command,which is running thetest,toldThe Washington Post heexpected"onlyminimal impact" on civilian users.

Affected areas will vary greatlyaccording toaltitude.Forships,itwillinvolvea circular region withinaradiusof40miles centeredabout120mileseast of Wilmington, N.C.

For planescruisingat40,000 feet,the affected area expands to a radius of350miles andreachesas far south as Vero Beach,Fla., and as far north as Sea Isle, N.J.

Officials said therewerenoreportsof civiliansafetyproblems during previous tests held over North Carolina and Nevada.

During the tests,military crewswillbe evaluatedon their ability to identify that GPS systems are not workingandonfindingother means of navigation.

Dear colleagues:

I am sending out my translation and its English CNN original on the tests scheduled in the US for the next week. Those are tests of the equipment designed to detect facts of jamming of GPS navigational signals. It confirms successful usage of such jamming signals against the American space-based navigational system GPS by the Iraqi. Earlier I passed instructions on the principles employed in such jamming stations to the Embassies of Iraq, Yugoslavia and others.

Thanks to those jamming stations the winged rockets "Tomahawks" lose orientation and self-liquidate or hit the wrong targets. "Valorous" NATO pilots have no guts to fly in those zones where habitual for them and until recently reliable GPS no longer works.

It is clear from the information received that Americans developed detectors of the fact of jamming and, possibly, heads for the class "air-ground" rockets for closing on the GPS jamming stations. To conduct life tests they, of cause,have to put such a jamming station into action that would create exactly such strike zone against GPS as was outlined in the information below.

US must have testing grounds for pilots fearing to fly without GPS.

Valentin V. Kashinov,
corr.-member of International Slavic Academy,
doctor of technical sciences.
P.O. Box 570, 199397, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.