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US, thepolicemanoftheworld,(Amobster impersonating a peace officer - YK) was defeated by Iraq!

US's highlypraisedweapon of "high precision" -- the wingedrockets"Tomahawks"hardlyhit half of the targets. USA and England are hunting for the"brigade858"thatsetsupspecial transmitters disrupting thefunctioningof radio-electronic devices and veering the rockets off their course.

In theUniversityofStanford of the USA they are conducting the work oncreationofdetec- tors of sources of radiointerference.A conclusionshould be reached that Iraqi specialist are able to counteract high frequency navigation system of rocketsandotherflying devicesquiteefficiently.Informationona ground station forradiocausinginterference follows.

We arereceivingnewsfromtheUS about the beginning oftestingofthe"newTomahawks" navigatingby the landscape bellow.Of course, there is nothing else left fortheUSexperts but to admit their full fiasco with GPS NAVSTAR. But the system using the profile of theterrain bellow isnotnew.Beforeintroductionof NAVSTARintheUSA,justthat system of navigation,basedon the landscape below,for navigation of Tomahawks was used.

In the USSR this work was carried out too.[See monograph of V.K.Baklitsky, A.M.Bochkarev, M.P.Musianov.Methods of signalsfilteringin systemsofnavigationbased on correlation in extreme values. -- (Or whatever this sorcerers's jargon could mean in Russian -- YK) M. Radio and Communications, 1986 and bibliography.]

For navigatingtowardsthetargetusingthe profile of the landscape below,the map of that landscape, recorded in the memory of the onboard rocket'scomputer,isbeing compared with the data receivedbythesensors.Thosesensors could be of various kind.

Defenses fromthewinged rockets navigating by thelandscapebelow should distort their perception of thatlandscape.Then,those rockets would lose orientation.

Exactly that does the government of the USAby renamingmurder of the men's sons and daughters into a free choice of the female murderers. That method of deception is so effective that tens of millions of raped fathers mistake criminalsfor theirjudgesandcomplywith their decisions instead of putting them all on trial for murder. Devilhasbeen distorting information received through senses from the time of the first sin of Eve to control man's consciousness and behavior.

The means distorting perception of the landscape could be:

  • Powerfulpermanentelectrical magnets distortingtheearthmagneticfieldinthe locality of the rockets' flight;
  • Powerfulsourcesoflight in the region of flights emitting in optical andinfraredrange of frequencies.
  • Angular reflectors, scattered in rows leading away from the targets.
  • ESPECIALLYEFFECTIVEin distorting data obtainedbythesensors of the winged rockets and other flying devices regardingtheprofile ofthelandscapeisusageofair balloons. Barrage balloon means werewidelyusedduring theW.W.IIindefenseofcities from German planes. They are Helium filled balloons anchored totheground with a cable.German planes hit those cables suffering mechanical damages.

Aside from the winged rockets hitting the cables stretched to the height of 20-200 meters or more along several levels,theballoonsthemselves wouldbedistortingthedatafedintothe rockets' computers. For that, the ballons should becoveredwithareflectingradiosignals medium(verticalandhorizontal strips of electroconducting paint) and shouldcarry angular reflectors on its surface.

All ofthe listed above devices distorting data received from therocket's'sensorscouldbe usedoneveryballoon which there should be a plenty.On the same balloonsthetransmitters interfering withGPS NAVISTAR could be mounted. In this case a interfering range is more.

Each suchballoonisa target by itself thereforetheyshouldbe placed away from the objects destruction of which is undesirable.To preventthe USA from compiling a new map of the landscape,the balloons should beperiodically put up and down.

Valentin V. Kashinov,
corr.-member of International Slavic Academy,
doctor of technical sciences.
P.O. Box 570, 199397, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.