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P.O.Box 570, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Nikolaii Alexeev (Russia),
Ph.D, professor of biology,
corr.-member of International Slavic Academy

Yuriy Voronov (Russia),
Ph.D,professorof biology,
academician of Peter's Academy.

Boris Zavertyaev (Russia),
Ph.D, professor of biology..

Alexander Zolotov (Russia),
Ph.D, professor of war sciences,
corr.-member of ISA.

Valentin Kashinov (Russia),
Ph.D, professor ofSignalsTheory,
corr-memeber of ISA.

Nikolai Kobanov (Russia, Irkutsk),
Ph.D., professor

Valeri V. Dvoeglazov
Ph. D., Profesor-Investigador Titular C
Escuela de Fisica
Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas
Ap. Postal C-580
Zacatecas 98068 Zac. Mexico

Alexeiy Koreshkin (Russia),
Ph.D,professor of medicine.

Beniamin Pastukhov (Russia),
Ph.D, corr.-member of ISA of medicine.

Stanislav Popov (Russia),
of State prize of Russia.

Boris Protasov (Russia),
Ph.D., professor of biology,
corr.-member of ISA

Sima Mraovitch, (Paris, France),
Ph.D., research scientist
in Neurophysiology C.N.R.S.

J.C. Manifacier, (Montpellier, France),
Physics Professor at the University of Sciences

Vladislav Shvyrkov(USA),
Ph.D,professorof economics,
President of International Statistic Society,
corr.-member of ISA.

Joury Saveliev(Russia),
Russian Academy of Rocket-Aviation Sciences,
academician of PASA, IA, MAI,
rector of theBalticStateTechnical
University "Voenmech", named D.F.Ustinov.

Alexander Yakovlev(Russia),
Ph.D.,professorof biology,
academician of Russian Academy of NatureSciences,
corr.-memeber of RussianAcademyofAgricultural Sciences,
laureate of State prize of Russia.

The forcesofaggressionare attempting to establish a New World Order upon this Earth.In April,NATO intendstotrample upontheexistingprinciplesofglobalsocio-political order established in the aftermath of the W.W.II.Those principles were incorporatedinthefoundingdocumentsof the UN and the NATO acts,in fact,mean liquidationoftheUNwithsimultaneous assumptionbyNATOdejurethefunctions of an international policeman that NATO have already assumed de facto.

In the practice of persuading by the pressure ofbareforce thecountriesrefusingtosubmittoforeigndictateis the resurrection of the worst traditions of international crime and by its nature it constitutes a crime against humanity.

We, scientists,- the defenders of the world peace, - assume our responsibility towards the humanity for the knowledge thatwe and our predecessors have imparted to the society.That knowledge brought technological and intellectual advancementimprovingthe living standards but it also contributed to creation of weapons of warandhumanenslavement.Nowwetakeuponourselvesthe honorable duty of preserving peace and freedom on this Earth.

We should create and offer to the potentialvictimsofour pastactivitiescheapandsimplemethods of production of the highly effective anti-weaponry. That spellscreation of simple in manufacturing but high in technology anti-weapons ineveryfield ofscientificendeavorusedinweapons production,including genetic, economic and informational weapons.

We fullyunderstandthatonlyhealthynationalists,the individualsdedicatedto their peoples and races,may share our approach, stepping forward to combat the ugliness of the New World Order and cosmopolitanism of the "One World government".

We alsoacknowledgethefactthatquiteafew of us at present are bound by the bonds of non-disclosure of the classified informationinourrespectivecountries.Tocircumventthat handicap we suggest scientists of the weaker countries methods for creatinganti-weaponsagainsttheweaponsoftheirstronger adversaries.

There are more weapons upon this earth that people mayneed. Forthatreasonwechosethealternativeto creation of new weapons way that consists in publishing of new technologies of the anti-weapons widely.

We wouldpublishsuggestionsofallco-signerstothis charter without giving it a second thought.We welcomeanonymous offerstoobut we feel compelled to submit them to the expertise of the qualified people.

Any scientist may join that charter regardless of his racial, national, civic, political or any other properties or affiliations that he might have. Sending a letter of consent in any form is all thatittakes.Thatletter could be mailed to any of the shown below addresses.