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I very much doubt that Americans, even if serbian origin could comment in a truthful way what happened in Yugoslavia. Only Europeans can know what happened. What happened was a personal treaty of heavy complexes by Mr Clinton. Mme Jennifer Flowers herself declared to Washington Post he was offering her drugs and he himself was taking regularly drugs, especially cocain. The problem is not Milosevic, but Presidents taking drugs and under influence of these drugs killing civilian people and destroying civilian objects.

Manipulartion is another important point. They found now 100 dead people in mass grabs but 50 m to the prison, bombed heavily by NATO. The bodies are totally damaged, but CNN is speaking about paramilitary forces. If NATO is considered as a paramilitary force I agree with it. As the only one killer in this war was NATO and the US governement.

In the USA killing is a national sport. Now in Washington the state is buying arms from private people and paying them 100 USD per erm. This is a total state Clinton circus. Only in America, a state of small childern calling themselves adults one can do such an operation, in order to cover the heavy killing each week.

America and Americans has no right to comment and to judge Europe, Yugoslavia or anybody else, America should finally have normal politicians, not those excited by influence of drugs and scandals. By the way yesterday was having in its upper right corner the washington Post interview with jennifer Flowers about the cocain use of Mr Clinton. Strangily enough two hours after that publication they replaced it with something else and the Clinton affair was written very small left, but you cannot enter anymore to read the whole article. I think that a censor was phoning there to change the page.

Anyway people living thousands kilometers from Europe and not even knowing what happened centuries ago in Serbia and Albania has the only right - to shut up!