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6th October 1999 Issue 1035

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Final Conflict is a non-profit making magazine dedicated to defending European civilisation from Marxism and Capitalism.


[Ed: As White people are most at risk from Racial attacks in England, America and elsewhere... can we assume Whites would be the target of such weapons. Furthermore, will liberals continue the lie that Racial differences are only "skin deep"?]:

Tyrants or terrorists of the future could develop genetically-modified biological weapons that would attack only certain ethnic groups, doctors were to be warned today. A medical conference in London was set to hear how within five or 10 years, such weapons -- as well as other devastating biological or chemical threats - could become reality.

Wounds, Weapons and the Doctor, a one-day conference at the British Medical Association (BMA) in central London, was to consider how doctors and scientists can counter the emergence of such terrors. Professor Vivienne Nathanson of the BMA said: "The conference will cover what we can do to prepare for a biological or chemical attack, which in Britain would be most likely to come from terrorists. "But also it will warn doctors and scientists to be vigilant about what work is going on in laboratories, in case peaceful discoveries get used to produce these awful weapons."

She said the issue was taken so seriously in the US that some cities had stockpiled supplies of the vaccine to the lethal disease Anthrax, in case of terrorist attacks.

The fact that such weapons could be made other than by governments was demonstrated by a religious cult's nerve gas attack on a Tokyo train in 1995, which killed 12 people, she added.

"The problem with anthrax is that it contaminates the land for 50-60 years, so there are fears plague bacteria could be used instead, which kills people and then disperses fairly quickly." And she said that work to unravel the structure of human DNA could one day be abused to make biological weapons designed for one specific purpose -- genocide.

"There are already medicines being developed which target different genomes," she said. "There are distinct characteristics, such as blood groups, which some ethnic backgrounds tend to share.

"If a virus could be developed to affect only people with, say, half-a-dozen particular genetic criteria, it could be used to attack a certain ethnic group."


[Ed: remember the case of Colin Wallace, the Military Intelligence man who exposed the government's dirty war in Ulster/Northern Ireland? Wallace ended up in a mental institution for many years for his efforts. There are now rumours that the alleged 'London Nazi Bomber' David Copeland will end up in a mental home... So don't think that such antics are beyond the establishment. It may seem crazy - but the real nutters are overseeing the ruination of England, Europe and the entire world! Thanks to the reader who sent this in]:
seen this?

Sunday Telegraph London 3/10/99
Prison hospitals to be built to hold mentally ill
by JOE MURPHY Political Editor

THE Government is to build up to 100 special neighbourhood prison hospitals to lock up psychopaths believed to be a danger to the public even when they have committed no offence.

The hospitals will look like prisons from the outside, complete with high security, hut will be run as secure units with doctors in charge of treating inmates.

Only about 20 to 40 people will be confined in each it and they will not be built in the grounds either of prisons or existing mental hospitals. Opposition is expected against the building of facilities from local residents.

Protests are also expected from civil liberties groups against the idea Of an individual being~g detained indefinitely without trial or criminal record.

The number of secure units planned is high because the Government believes that as many as 2,300 severely mentally ill people may eventually be confined. That is far more~ than the number of adults classed as having a dangerous personality disorder -- just 600 ~ when a consultation paper was issued in July.

As the law stands, no one can be jailed unless he or she has committed a crime; neither can they be sent to a mental hospital unless they are suffering from a treatable illness. As psychopathic disorders are seen as untreatable by mast psychiatrists, potential killers .can thus remain at large even when they have become unstable and are liable~to hurt someone.

A review was ordered after the ease of Michael Stone, who asked to be admitted to mental hospital gust days before he killed Lin and Megan Russell with a hammer.

Frank Dobson, the Health Secretary, and Jack Straw, the Home Secretary, have decided to create a network of secure centres, to be called Personality Disorder Units, where inmates held, under new legislation will be housed.

Ministers from both departments have been struggling for almost a year to come up with an acceptable legal and medical process with safeguards, by which people can be confined.

At present, they are proposing that two doctors specialising in mental health would have to certify an individual as dangerous. A magistrate would have to be satisfied that there were grounds to believe that the individual was likely to rape, kill or injure someone.


The number of dead in the West London Paddington train crash could number between 70 and 100. The official number is now 28 - but there are still many people unaccounted for.

One of the trains had gone through a red signal -- which would have been impossible had the system which was recommended 10 YEARS AGO after the Clapham rail Crash in South London been installed.

But the system was 'too expensive' for the Big Businesses that run the trains... and politicians like John 'Two Jags' Prescott refused to DEMAND its imposition - for fear of lost profits to shareholdres.

Two jags - so-called because he has two expensive Jaguar cars [despite telling everyone else they should give up using their cars] is in charge of transport. He has announced an enquiry. HOW MANY ENQUIRIES HAVE WE HAD? HOW MANY ENQUIRIES DO WE NEED?

Transport needs to be run for the good of the people and the Nation - not to make obscene profits for the same old clique of Big Businessmen...

The very least Two jags should do is resign.


[Ed: She'll be in good company - with all the scumbags who have passed through Cambridge University - not least all the Reds, Spooks and Queers!]:

Pop superstar Madonna is to visit Cambridge University undergraduates as a guest speaker.

The 41-year-old singer and actress was invited by historian Dr John Adamson after he met her earlier this year. Madonna, a frequent visitor to the UK, is expected to make an appearance in the New Year to speak at Peterhouse College on the subject of "image and reality".

Peterhouse senior bursar Andrew Murison (correct) said: "It is commonplace for interested and talented people to visit the college in order to share the benefits and lessons of their experience with the undergraduates.

"Madonna is a very intelligent and talented woman who is well qualified to speak on the subject of image and reality. "It will be a private visit. The date has yet to be confirmed." Peterhouse, whose former students include former Tory cabinet minister Michael Portillo, is the oldest of the 35 Cambridge University colleges.


[Ed: A reader sent this in]:

Some more information on the campagne against Austria which reminds us of Hitler before he came to power. Judea declared war on Germany in 1934. Now Israel declares war on Austria in 1999. Or maybe the war has never stopped. Just the weapons have changed. Germany has already paid some 120 Billion DM to Israel and Austria some 600 Billion ATS. Both countries and USA are keeping Israel alive. Of course the Rabbi of Vienna lies again... There are far more Jews living in Vienna again because none of them really have to work if the dont want to. The Austrian Government supports them with at least 2.5 Million US$ each Year and they also support two Talmud school. No wonder they dont want to leave. In Israel they may have to work for their living.

Considering the live of humans Israel has taken the last 50 Years, we suggest to Weizman aSHUT UPo.

Arutz Sheva News Service
Monday, October 4, 1999 / Tishrei 24, 5760

President Ezer Weizman has called upon Austrian Jews to come on Aliyah [immigration to Israel] immediately, in the wake of the success of Austria's Freedom Party in yesterday's national vote. The party captured some 27% of the vote, and is now the country's second-largest. Party-leader Joerg Haider's campaign was characterized by calls to stop immigration to Austria, as well as constant warnings against the country's "over-foreignization." Haider, the son of a low-level World War II Nazi Party official, was forced out of his position as Governor of Carinthia eight years ago after saying that Adolf Hitler had "sound employment policies." He also reportedly once called veterans of the Gestapo "men of character."

President Weizman said today, "Austrian Jews should draw the proper conclusions, and the sooner, the better." Foreign Minister David Levy, taking a calmer approach, said that Israel would first wait to see "what kind of government is formed in Austria, and would then decide on what steps to take." He said, however, that the election results "are an insult to the world and to mankind."

Austrian Chief Rabbi Chaim Eisenberg told Arutz-7 today that the Vienna Jewish community is concerned about the Haider victory, but observed that it is less significant for the local Jewish community than it is for Austrians in general. "I don't understand the Austrian people," said Rabbi Eisenberg. "This kind of election result can only reduce Austria's international political influence and status." He added that Austria's 10,000-strong Jewish community boasts a vibrant cultural and religious life. "We have everything that one needs to live a religious Jewish life. On the other hand, I don't say that this is the best place for a Jew to live, and I don't think that I would be living in Vienna had I not been born here."

The former commander of the Jasenovac extermination camp in Croatia, Dinko Sakic, 78, was sentenced by a court in Zagreb, Croatia today to the maximum 20-year prison term for his role in the World War II murders of 2,000 camp prisoners - including Jews, Serbs and Croatian anti-fascists.

Dr. Efraim Zuroff, speaking to Arutz-7 today from Zagreb, said that his Simon Wiesenthal Center was instrumental in locating and pressuring authorities to extradite Sakic from Argentina, where he fled after the war. "This is a great day for us," Zuroff said minutes after the sentence was handed down. "Jasenovac was known as the Auschwitz of the Balkans, and for six months during the war, Sakic was responsible for the systematic extermination of the camp's inmates. This judgement is a very important one for the Croatian people, too, who have not always been ready to accept responsibility for their role in the war." Zuroff said that "Sakic made a long statement at the trial in which he accused me personally of being the one responsible for bringing him to justice. I take this as a compliment. It was a great honor for me to be so closely involved in this case."


[Ed: can you believe this? The Dutch system allows drugs, prostitution, rampant immigration, homosexuality, euthanasia etc. - but they'll bug truants... Talk about getting things out of perspective! Thanks to the reader that sent this in]:

'BILD ZEITUNG' HAMBURG Germany 6 October 1999 Page 22

School Truants are soon in for a bad time in Holland because their attendance will be controlled by computer chips. It works like this. Every Pupil receives a chipcard, when the Pupil enters the classroom he/she first needs to go to the comuter next to the teacher and ,using his chipcard, register his attendance. This computer is able to give the School a complete summary of attendances and non-attendances. The first tests will be carried out in Doertinchem this Autumn with 8500 school pupils


Contact: Patricia A. Saye
Phone: (702) 732-2233
"WACO WALK" PRESS RELEASE - October 5th, 1999

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - October 3rd, 1999 - The 2 1/1 mile "Waco Walk" down the Las Vegas Strip at 2:00 p.m. was great! The eyes of tourist, from all over the world, who were in the immediate area, were on those participating in the walk. There were participants who were young, old, in a wheel chair, and even coming from California, specifically to participate in the walk.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. was notified prior to the walk, provided an escort for the "walkers". They were pleased we were exercising our constitutional rights in such a well organized, peaceful and courteous manner.

It was very disappointing, but yet expected, even after being notified of the "Waco Walk", that the local news media did not cover this event. What else would you expect, from the media when they are controlled by the government? Don't forget, the owners of the two major local newspapers are FOB's (friends of Bill).

This walk is designed to "WAKE UP AMERICA" to the fact we have an "out-of-control" government and DEMAND the release of the Waco survivors, who are unjustly, held as POLITICAL PRISONERS. We also are DEMANDING the impeachment of Bill Clinton and the resignation of Janet Reno, and for murder charges to be brought against both Clinton and Reno, and all other individuals who are responsible for the murder of 80+ people, including "17 Little Children!" who burned alive!

We encourage everyone across the nation, to have a "Waco Walk" in their community, making the same demands as we did, here in Las Vegas, and continue to do so, until these "political prisoners" are released.

Bill Clinton has committed another teasonous act on the Citizens of the united States of America, when he released known, convicted foreign terrorists, to kill again. "We the people" DEMAND the release of the Branch Davidians, who are being unjustly imprisoned as Political Prisoners.

The Branch Davidians who fired back at government agents charging their home did not "retaliate", but rather, defended themselves - were unanimously found innocent by an American jury of all the capital charges.

I remain, your lady in liberty


[Ed: Imagine if the roles were reversed! There'd be an outcry about 'Hate'. There'd be fictitious documentaries about the Inquisition. There'd be films about the holohoax on TV every night...]:

Saatchi - the "artist" who has his "dung/blood/corpse" exhibit going on in New York - is an Iraqi Jew who made his fortune in advertising. See article in the New York Press October 1, 1999, vol 12 no 39; an article by Taki Theodoracopulos: "LE MA?TRE Bad Rubbish"

OR you can view the mag article at <A HREF="">David Irving's Action Report On-line</A> --Conrad


[Ed: Remember - boycott Disney. They employ at least one paedophile. It is run by Zionists. They push anti-Christian and anti-family propaganda]:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Following weekend demonstrations against a Brooklyn Museum art exhibition, hundreds of Catholic protesters staged a rally Monday at another venerable arts institution, where a controversial film about fallen angels premiered.

Singing, praying and holding aloft placards that read "Stop blasphemy," the demonstrators gathered outside the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, where the movie "Dogma" was shown as part of the prestigious New York Film Festival.

In "Dogma," Academy Award-winning actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck play two fallen angels who are scheming to get back into heaven.

The film, directed by "Chasing Amy" director Kevin Smith, also stars Linda Fiorentino and Selma Hayek, as well as comedian Chris Rock as a hitherto unknown 13th apostle.

"We are here to tell people that we're looking for more respect and love, and less criticizing of each other's faith," said Bev Santini of Garden City, New York. "We're praying for Michael Eisner and Disney and Miramax so that they stop ridiculing Christians and Catholics in the world," she said.

Disney is Miramax's parent company, but the film is being released by Lion's Gate which distributed last year's Oscar-winning film "Gods and Monsters." Miramax Films' Bob and Harvey Weinstein bought "Dogma" from Miramax, which backed the film's production, and Lion's Gate agreed to distribute it.

Officials at Disney, Miramax, Lion's Gate and the film festival could not be reached for comment.

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, which joined the Catholic League and others at Monday's rally, said in fliers that "Dogma," "mocks everything we hold sacred -- God, the Church, the Mass and Mary's virginity. It condones what we condemn -- murder, obscenity, violence, profanity, drugs, drunkenness and rebellion!"

Monday's rally follows weekend demonstrations against the Brooklyn Museum exhibit "Sensation," which opened Saturday to record crowds.

The exhibit, which runs through Jan. 9, features works using pickled cow parts, human blood and a melding of live maggots and a cow's head. But it is Chris Ofili's "Holy Virgin Mary," stained with elephant dung and pasted with cutouts from pornographic magazines, that has enraged some Roman Catholic groups that accuse Ofili and the museum of Catholic-bashing. REUTERS


The Media's Cover-Up: American Security For Sale

In stunning testimony, four FBI agents assigned to the campaign-finance task force told Senate investigators that Justice Department officials blocked their efforts topursue key investigative targets --including information that Charles Yah Lin Trie was bringing in "duffel bags full of cash" to the Democrat Party.

Not a word about their testimony on ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC or CNN.
Nor in the Washington Post and New York Times.
Thank God for FC, email, and the internet.


[Ed: despite all the evidence - the system is determined to paint Columbine as a 'Hate Crime'. In the next FC e-zine we'll publish an article on Columbine that appeared in 'The Voice of St George' newspaper which shows conclusivley that Columbine was anything but a 'Hate Crime']:

More Columbine Hijinx
Shoels' Demand Reno Investigate "International Hate Crime Conspiracy"
October 5, 1999
Littleton, Colorado -- Michael Shoels is at it again.

Today, Michael Shoels sent a letter to Justice Secretary Janet Reno claiming the Columbine massacre was part of an "international hate crime conspiracy" and demanding that she send out FBI agents to investigate. The Shoels also answered a challenge to their choice of attorney in suing the families of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. The Shoels are currently employing ambulance-chaser Geoffrey Fieger, known best for his work representing Dr "Death" Kevorkian and his advocacy of assisted suicide.

The media today also added some words into the mouths of the Columbine gunman, changing the original allegation one of them called the one black victim out of thirteen dead "a nigger" into the phrase "there's a nigger over here", trying to prove that the two dedicated anti-racists Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were in fact committing a "hate" crime.

Said LSM founder Bill White, who has received death threats from members of the Shoels family and who the Shoels family accuses of being part of this "international hate crime conspiracy", in response to the latest news of Columbine survivor wackiness,

"The Shoels family are a microcosm of the 'anti-hate' movement. They're emotional and hysterical, and their emotions and hysteria have caused them to make wild, unfounded accusation and to show signs of mental illness. I'm sorry their son is dead, if only because their son's death have given their lunatic rantings a platform those rantings, on their merits, would not otherwise have or deserve."

In another related note, Columbine survivors today filed the first legitimate lawsuit to come out of the Columbine shooting, when the families of two victims objected to having tiles they painted with religious symbols removed from the new high school. The school had asked all family members of the victims to paint decorative tiles to be placed in the walls of the school as a memorial, and then removed from the memorial those tiles which displayed religious symbols. The Columbine survivors, parents of Kelly Fleming and Daniel Rohrbaugh, killed in the violence, are rightfully claiming violation of their right to free speech.

Since the Columbine shooting, the families of most of the victims have gone out of their way to show why this tragedy was visited on them, by doing everything from trying to extort money out of various "healing" funds, to attacking trees in a violent hateful rage because the trees were alleged to have stood for the pain of the families of the school shooters, to publishing books making false claims of martyrdom and cynically manipulating gullible people's religious beliefs to make a profit.


If this isn't proof the American people aren't collectively zombiefied, I don't know what is. Not that Oprah isn't a nice lady and all, but this shows how much Americans are influenced by the celebrity culture. Or maybe someone thinks this is what a serious third party should become.. Oh no, we could never have a serious, thinking reformer like pat. No, we must obey our Trotskyvisions and vote for the "most popular." If she ran, she would be elected and I would bet money on that. I can see the mandatory psychologists and feelings experts in every committee. Oh god help America!

CHICAGO She's a multimillionaire talk-show host, actress and most recently college professor. Now some Reform Party members are talking about President Oprah Winfrey.

Party members from Minnesota have created a Web site to draft Ms. Winfrey for the 2000 presidential race.

"It is Jesse Ventura times 100," said Paul Larsen, chairman of the draft committee and a party leader from suburban Minneapolis. "She's got a thousand times as much money, 100 times the name recognition. She has a sterling reputation for honesty."

The queen of talk is not interested, a spokeswoman said.

But Larsen said he is not giving up and will ask Ventura, Minnesota's governor and the nation's highest elected Reform Party official, to help persuade her to run.

Ventura spokesman Doug Friedline said the whole situation "has gotten kind of weird. ... It's almost like we have celebrity-itis in the Reform Party."


JAMES RUBEN spoke on behalf of the US Government in looking into Iranian 'State sponsored terrorism'.

Ruben would do better to look at American crimes in Kosovo, Iraq, Somalia, Granada etc. and - dare we say! - Occupied Palestine...

You see, as far as Ruben and co. are concerned it's 'state sponsored terrorism' when others are accused of doing it -- but when America and Israel bomb, murder, terrorise, torture etc. - it's all perfectly justified and within international law.

That's Zionist hypocrisy!


MIAMI (AP) - A group of Cuban refugees used wooden poles, machetes and a knife to attack Coast Guard officers who intercepted their sailboat off of Key Largo.

The attack was the most recent in a string of violent encounters between U.S. authorities and Cuban refugees, the Coast Guard said.

``This violence must stop before a tragedy occurs,'' said Lt. Ron LaBrec, spokesman for the Coast Guard.

The attack began Wednesday when a Coast Guard boat pulled up alongside the refugees' 15-foot wooden sailboat and officers tried to pull down the sail rigging.

Two of the seven people on board tried to hit Coast Guard crew members with long poles, the Coast Guard said.

Another swung a machete at an officer, missing him by inches, according to a guard statement. The officer sprayed his attacker with pepper spray then used it again to stop another refugee who was threatening a guardsman with a foot-long knife.

The sailboat capsized when the occupants all moved to one side, sending the entire group into the water, the report said.

Two were pulled onto the Coast Guard boat. The others were intercepted as they tried to swim ashore using an inner tube for support.

All seven were repatriated to Cuba on Saturday.


MIAMI (Reuters) - The transfer of children into virtual slavery, a common practice in Haiti, has spread to the Haitian community in the United States, activists said on Monday.

Haitian-American organizations called a news conference to draw attention to the plight of the children, known as "restaveks" after the French for "to stay with", after police alleged that a Florida man had sexually abused a Haitian girl who lived with his family and performed housework for them.

Pembroke Pines police department said last week it was seeking Willy Pompee, 20, for allegedly abusing the 12-year-old since she began living with his family in 1996. He is still at large.

After meeting with the girl's friends and family members, activists determined that she was a restavek, a poor child taken in as an indentured servant by a wealthier family in exchange for food, clothing and, ideally, an education.

"It's very clear that based on the description of the circumstances, the way she was living...definitely it fits the categorical description (of a restavek)," said Leonie Hermantin, executive director of the Haitian American Foundation.

The practice is widespread in Haiti, where it has been condemned because the children work without pay and are often abused. A recent UNICEF-funded study estimated that there are about 300,000 restaveks in the Caribbean nation.

"It's a deplorable institution, but it is one that is born out of desperation," Hermantin said. "Impoverished parents who live in the countryside have a choice to make, whether to let their child starve or send them to the city to a better-off relative or to strangers."

Hermantin said there was no way to tell how many "restavek" children there were among the one million Haitians living in North America. She said her agency had come across several in southern Florida.

She said most of the children are not abused and some are adopted by the families they live with. But she said activists hoped to encourage children subject to abuse not to be afraid to come forward.

And she said she hoped to draw police and social workers' attention to the problem. The 12-year-old girl in the Pompee case had sought help before last week and had not been taken seriously by authorities, Hermantin said.

"We're saying that these agencies -- the police department and the (Florida) Department of Children and Families -- need to be a little bit more sensitive," she said.


David Duke Demands Hate Crime Investigation in Killeen, Texas Killings

New Orleans, Louisiana, October 4, 1999 . National white civil rights activist David Duke is condemning Killeen, Texas prosecutors for refusing to label the grisly execution style murder of Todd and Stacie Bagley by four black youths, as a Hate Crime.

Christopher Andre Vialva, 19, Brandon Bernard, 18, and two juveniles, 17 and 16, were arrested shortly after they kidnapped the Bagley's, who were on their way to the evening church services. The Bagley's, were forced into the trunk of their car after they were approached for a ride, and later driven to a remote location on Fort Hood, where they were both shot in the head and set on fire.

Duke described the crime as "one of the most horrible acts of hatred I have ever heard." "No one could commit such an act of violence against two defenseless White Christians without harboring the most vicious hatred in their heart," said Duke, in a letter to Federal Prosecutors.

"This horrible inter-racial crime has gone completely unmentioned by the national Media and is yet another example of the media's bias against reporting black on white crime," says Duke. Though 90% of inter-racial crime is black on white, the national Media fosters the impression that Hate Crimes, like the nationally known Jasper case, are exclusively white on black. By promoting racial hatred against whites, the media is creating what Duke calls "a climate of hatred" against whites which leads to these kind of killings.

Rep. Duke is available for analysis and comment on the Killeen killings. To schedule an interview, please contact Vince Edwards at 504-626-7714. For more information visit

David Duke is a former State Representative for Louisiana and is currently the elected chairman for the St. Tammany Parish Republic Party. He is a well-known civil rights leader working against discrimination and for the rights and heritage of white Americans. David Duke is the author of the national acclaimed autobiography entitled "My Awakening: A path to racial understanding."


[Ed: Conrad, one of our most trusted contributors, sent this in]:

The below alias, "Ted Pioro" < >, previous aliases: bruce sanford <>, sam s woodgeard < >, Buddy Woodgeard <>, bruce sanford <>, Bruce Sanford <>, bruce sanford <>, et al., is (in my opinion) a complete nitwit.

I ran into him about a year or so ago, along with several others who are FC subscribers. All this buffoon does is ramble on in a litany unintelligible squat... ALWAYS ending with a "promo" for the nitwit book he wrote, ADOLF HITLER - FOUNDER OF ISRAEL - at his site, <>.

He is 'at once' against the enemies of Christ, then fully supportive, then follows a "we are one" scenario, cycling through the moods... apparently as quickly as he can. To prove to all that this (alias Ted Pioro) is NOT a Kindred, here's just one of his lunatic rantings (team-commonlaw-L was a ListServ):

From:  (sam s woodgeard)
Cc: , 
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 08:51:21 -0400
Subject: Re: CLTeam> Shroud of Turin - New Evidence (fwd)

The Power of Suggestion

A sly magnus knows that the power of suggestion is often more powerful than coming out and saying something. "Mary said she saw a woman who looked just like your wife with a guy in a red car, but it probably wasn't her." If you want to get the gears rolling in a man's head, put this on him.

[snip... the article goes on for some time...]



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