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Yugoslav Austrian Solidarity Movement
(Jugoslawisch -sterreichische Solidarittsbewegung)


On Sunday May 21 the protector of Kosovo, Kouchner , has met the demands of 37 Serbs and 5 Romanies who had been on hunger strike since April 10. He promised the immediate start of their legal procedures as well as the chairmanship of international judges.

The 42 prisoners has staged their protest, because they have been incarcerated for minor offences or completely unproven adventurous accusations already for nearly one year. At the same time Albanian assassins had been released immediately by the exclusively Albanian UN protectorate judges. The 42 Sebs and Romanies of the UN prison of Kosovska Mitrovica demand the status of political prisoners as they have obviously been imprisoned because of their national affiliation (details see

Although Kouchner has promised fair trials these are very unlikely. The purpose of the protectorate-s administration is to legitimate war and occupation by NATO by blaming all on the Serbs. For them it is obvious that only the complete albanisation of Kosovo can grant their rule.

The geo-strategic interest of NATO therefore co-incites with those of the KLA to displace all non-Albanians. Thus the ?juridical system of the occupants is subordinated to this principle.

We therefore will closely watch the further proceeding regarding the Serb and Romani political prisoners in Kosovo.

The JSB demands the return of all displaced non-Albanians, the withdrawal of NATO and KLA as well as the complete restitution of Yugoslavia-s sovereignty of the Kosovo.