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Comment on Del Ponte's statement to the Security Council

Ekkehard K. Wenz, 
Chairman The Grdelica Organisation


Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 14:26:57 +0200
Subject: [sorabia] MUST READ ! Fw: Comment on Del Pont's Security Council speech

Ekkehard K. Wenz, Chairman The Grdelica Organisation

Comment on Del Ponte's statement to the Security Council

Yesterday was a Black Friday. A Black Friday for the world, for justice, for human rights, for civil rights, for democracy and truth. It might have been a good day for the New World Order, but we should start thinking about very quickly, if we want that kind of order. It is the order of injustice and incompetence, the order of unlimited violence and political sacrifice, and media will prevent us from suffering too much with the innocent victims.

If we have a closer look at Del Pontes statements, two facts will become clear. First, she won't ever be able to withdraw from that statement, second, she has failed. She has failed even in a neutral assessment of her work, because the evidence is simply there. The evidence is simply recorded on these tapes NATO speeded by at least five, admittedly. The evidence is simply the WSO's activity while the train was passing behind his crosshairs: He steered in twice. If Del Ponte and her crew are not able to recognize this simple fact as evidence for deliberate attack on a protected un-target, thus illegal, it is both a political problem and an obviuos problem of qualification. It has nothing to do with jurisdiction. Every bank-robber, that was accused by same kind of evidence, video-recorded perpetration, will be indicted and charged, of course.

ICTY has disqualified as a juristical instrument, and its maintained struggles for "justice" are just illegal. ICTY has revealed itself as a political institution, without any democratic control, but bolstered by democracies. So we have to ask a very inconvenient question about the substance of these democracies and their political leaders, that are God-similar giving away licenses to kill innocent women and children, and honoring the perpetrators therefore later. And we have to find out in detail, why the already charged persons were imprisoned in the UN special prison, because obviously there is a big qualification problem in The Hague's prosecution office, if Grdelica Case evidence is not recognized as such. Certainly, Del Ponte had a much easier job to do, if all her cases would consist of such clear evidence as the Grdelica Case presents.

One of the basic principles of democratic systems is the independence of justice against policy. This has, at least at a minimum standard, worked through a couple of decades in a couple of countries. It was actually a good idea, and it was intended to support a very basic democratic idea, the idea of equality. We have lost this path. Justice has become a part of policy, not an instrument to force policy back into to its own regulations, such as International Law. Nowadays, this isn't only an international problem, but here it is, one day after the Black Friday, more than obvious, and the consequences from this are enourmous, asides the fact, that Del Ponte shreddered yesterday any statutes of the ICTY by a couple of words. It will be interesting, probably threatening, to see, against which independent UN member state the next ICT? will be set up by politicy. But the system is established now, and it is bolstered, and it is supported. By every penny tax we pay.

The system is called Apartheid. That's why it was a deep Black Friday for the world yesterday.

Ekkehard K. Wenz,
Chairman The Grdelica Organisation

From: Stolpnik
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 18:49:25 +0200
Subject: [KDN] Kosovo Flash News for 06/03/2000

Serbian media monitoring for June 3, 2000
Prepared by "Voice of Kosovo and Metohia"
[Media and publishing center of Raska and Prizren Orthodox Diocese] 


  • Kosovo: Serb woman killed in village of Klokot, three Serbs injured

  • Kosovo-Metohia Albanians kill Serb, wound 3 others

  • Two Serbs killed by mine

  • One Serb wounded in grenade attack

  • In bomb attack in Obilic: One person injured

  • New wave of violence by Albanians: 8 Serbs killed in only 5 Days

  • Protest in Gnjilane

  • Protest in Pones

  • Serb representatives protest against the latest crimes

  • Collusion of Albanian terrorists and U.N. mission

  • Manuel: Murders of Serbs planned to intimidate

  • Before local elections in Kosovo: No Serb political parties

  • Newspaper "Dita" banned


A woman of Serb nationality was killed and three men were injured during a shoot-out with automatic weapons in the village of Klokot on the Urosevac-Gnjilane road on June 1, Serb sources from Kosovo reported.

Ham radio operators told BETA that during the afternoon on June 1, a group of armed Albanians opened fire at Serbs who were tilling their fields near the Orthodox cemetery in Klokot.

The same source cited that the killed woman was Lepterka Marinkovic (67), while the injured men were: Petar Tomic (33), Dobrivoje Radic (50) and Mladen Mirkovic (68), who were transported for treatment at the U.S. Bondsteel base near Urosevac.

In Klokot, nine Serbs have been killed and about 20 injured in the series of incidents which have occurred since KFOR came to Kosovo. The most serious incident in this village happened when two persons of Serb nationality were killed and six injured in a mortar attack on August 17, 1999.

KOSOVO-Metohia ALBANIANS KILL SERB, WOUND 3 OTHERS (Tanjug, 3. 6. 2000.)

Kosovska Vitina/Klokot - Ethnic Albanian terrorists shot one Serb woman dead and wounded three other Serbs in U.N.-administered Kosovo-Metohia on Thursday, according to reports.

Local amateur radio operators reported that the terrorists opened fire from automatic weapons on Serb farmers in the village of Klokot in the east of that Serbian (Yugoslav) province as they were working in their fields.

The wounded were rushed to the U.S. Bondsteel base for treatment.

U.S. international force (KFor) troops did not go out searching for the attackers, and only secured approaches to the village to prevent villagers gathering because of the attack on their co-nationals.

Amateur radio operators quoted locals as saying that among the ethnic Albanians in the Klokot village hospital there are members of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) allegedly "receiving treatment and resting".

TWO SERBS KILLED BY MINE (Tanjug, 3. 6. 2000.)

Pristina - Two Serbs were killed Friday morning when their car hit an anti-tank mine planted by Albanian terrorists during the night on the road between the Serbian villages of Ugljare and Preoce in the vicinity of Pristina.

In the car that struck the anti-tank mine have lost their lives Sinisa Dimic from Batus, a worker in the health center in Bresje near Kosovo Polje and Vlastimir Milic. Seriously wounded are Natasa Ristic and two children.


Obilic - Into the hallway of the house owned by Djordje Velickovic in Obilic was thrown Thursday evening a hand grenade, radio-amateurs reported.

When he saw the grenade on the floor, Misko Todorovic (42), who happened to be in the house of Djordje Velickovic tried to throw it out but the grenade exploded and blew off his hand.

A KFOR patrol, that was only ten meters from Velickovic's house, reacted only after half an hour while Serbs who gathered gave Todorovic first aid, to stop the bleeding.

Meanwhile, in Obilic around 21.20 hours were heard two more explosions, but, radio-amateurs said, no details are known yet about those terrorist attacks.


Obilic (Beta) - One person of Serb nationality was injured two nights ago at approximately 9:00 p.m. in Obilic during a bomb attack on the house of Djordje Velickovic, report radio-amateurs. Injured is Misko Todorovic (born 1958) whose hand was blown to smithereens when he attempted to dispose of a bomb thrown into the hall of the Velickovic house. Two more bombs were subsequently thrown at a building close by also inhabited by Serbs. Radio amateurs report that at approximately 9:00 p.m. two more explosions were heard in Obilic. (Translated by S. Lazovic, June 2, 2000)


Kosovo Polje, Pristina - In the past five days eight Serbs have been killed in Kosovo, stated the spokesperson of UNMIK, Suzanne Manuel, at yesterday's press conference in Pristina. Two persons of Serb nationality were killed, and three were wounded when a mine exploded on the road from Kosovo Polje to Gracanica, between the villages of Preoci and Ugljari, this morning at approximately 7:15 a.m. Yesterday morning in Urosevac a 17 year-old Albanian was shot in the back. Commenting the latest attacks and murders of Serbs, KFOR spokesperson Scott Seaton said that these were criminal acts which are being investigated, and that it could not be concluded whether these were organized attacks on the Serbs.

Because of continued pressure and tensions Serbs are leaving settlements in southeast Kosovo (Gnjilane region). The situation in this region can be called alarming, said UNHCR spokesperson Peter Kessler and added that Serbs are selling their property and leaving because they are concerned both for their security and for their economic prospects. Commenting on the return of Kosovo refugees from the Western countries, Kessler said that in the period from January to May 30,000 refugees have returned to Kosovo on a voluntary or involuntary basis. During the month of May alone, 1,100 refugees were involuntary returned to Kosovo, said Kessler and asked the governments of the Western countries, especially Germany, not to return the refugees involuntarily.

OSCE spokesperson Roland Bless said that to date over 400,000 citizens have registerd in Kosovo. (Translated by S. Lazovic)

PROTEST IN GNJILANE (Politika Daily/Digest, 3. 6. 2000.)

Gnjilane, June 2 - 200 Serb protested in churchyard of Gnjilane's Saint Nicholas Orthodox church regarding massacre in Cernica where Albanian terrorists have killed a Serb child and two Serb adults and yesterday's assassination of a Serb women, announced Gnjilane's Board of Church and People. (*)

PROTEST IN PONES (Politika Daily/Digest, 3. 6. 2000.)

On the occasion of new assassination of Serbs, villagers of Pones wrote to UNMIK Chief, Bernard Kouchner, Commander of KFOR Juan Ortunho and Commander of multinational brigade of "East", Ricardo Sancez, and asked for stronger protection of Serbs. The village of Pones is mixed, 156 Serb families and 38 Albanian. Pones Serbs have been already attacked. They live like in ghetto without possibility to travel without protection to neighboring Gnjilane because on the exit of the village Albanians are waiting for "wrong step" of Pones Serbs. (*)


June 2 - Father Sava, observer for the Serb National Council at the Interim - Administrative Council and Kosovo Transitional Council said it was quite possible that the Serbs will suspend their membership in these international bodies before the three-month period ends. Father Sava told Srna agency that Serbs do not wish to leave IAC and KTC, but the current situation might result in a decision to suspend membership at the next meeting Serb National Council.

Father Sava said they have demanded at today's IAC and KTC meetings that the crimes against Serbs be given their real name, international terrorism, with appropriate measures against them and their instigators according to international laws. "The Serbs are victims of a moral scandal, since America is not prepared to do anything to help them'', stressed Father Sava and added that the Serb National Council accepted the role of an observer in order to prove that Serbs are not to blame for the crisis in Kosovo.


Pristina - The information subcommittee of the Yugoslav committee for cooperation with the U.N. mission in Kosovo and Metohia strongly condemend the attack of Albanian terrorists on Serbs in the village Klokot near Vitina on Thursday, when Lepterka Marinkovic (67) was killed and three Serbs wounded, two of them seriously.

Albanian terrorists, on Thursday afternoon in the village of Klokot, opened automatic gun fire on a group of Serbs who were working in the field near the Orthodox cemetery.

The Albanian terrorist attack on unarmed Serbs, and the grenade attacks in the past few days in Bresje, Dobrotin, Cernica, Babin Most, indicate the collusion of ethnic Albanian terrorists and of the U.N. civilian mission with the sole purpose - expelling Serbs from Kosovo and Metohia, the information subcommittee statement said.


June 2 - UN Spokeswoman Suzanne Manuel stated that today's incident in which two Kosovo Serbs lost their lives when their vehicle struck a land mine is just one in a series of unsettling Albanian attacks on Serbs. ''The murders are done in cold blood. Some of them seem to be planned in advance and there is no discrimination between men, women and children''. The UN are uncertain what is the background of escalating attacks, but the probable reason is the first anniversary of international administration over Kosovo and hints of resettlement of Serbs who were driven out of the region.


Pristina (Beta) - The UNMIK office for registration has advised that 26 political parties registered prior to the deadline for registration of political parties in Kosovo, of which 20 are Albanian. The UNMIK office for registration, furthermore, did not receive a single application for registration of a Serb party.

The deadline for registration of political parties for upcoming local elections in Kosovo was two days ago. The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo of one of the former commanders of the KLA, Ramus Hajradinaj, registered one day late. Among the registered parties 20 are Albanian, three Muslim, two Turkish and one party of Askalis. (Translated by S. Lazovic, June 2, 2000)

NEWSPAPER "DITA" BANNED (Inet/Digest, 3. 6. 2000.)

International police has, early this morning in Pristina, closed Albanian daily paper "Dita" because of violation of Bernard Kouchner's regulation about prohibition of propagation of national hatred.

Other Kosovo related news:

Oliver Ivanovic, president of Executive Council of Serbian National Council of Kosovska Mitorivca region suggested to the Parliamentary Assembly of European Council's deputation that investing in region of Kosovska Mitrovica, should be divided in three parts - investments for the north, south and middle part of Kosovska Mitrovica. "The emphasis should be put at the middle zone, because several firms with 15 to 30 workers of different nationalities could be formed in that area", stated Ivanovic after the meeting with the deputation of Parliamentary Assembly of European Council's Commission for investments and development.

Father Sava Janic, one of the leaders of Serbian National Council of Kosovo and Metohia, announced exceptional Council's session on which its memebers will consider further participation of its representatives in the highest bodies in Kosovo administration, for Sunday, Jun 4th in Gracanica.

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