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NATO's Entrance Into Kosovo

Compounding the Error

by Robert Tkoch, Astrologer since 1970          Written June 12, 1999 ~ 8 UT

After being preempted by the Russians, NATO managed to enter Kosovo around 3:10 UT on June 12, 1999.

I have calculated the heliocentric chart of conception for this event. I will not go into the technical astrological details, nor will I attempt a military or political interpretation too much. Rather, I will just read the chart to you in its simplest, most immediate translation.

This is the chart of a mean, ugly, drunken fool. This person is psychically possessed. This beginning is doomed to confusion, disorder, loss, lies, intrigue, slander, weakness, poisoning, and fear.

Confusion and self-deception are the major elements of the chart. Hiding the truth from himself, man enters a shadow-land where his own dreams populate the landscape with shadowy and unreliable forms. The lying NATO has entered a realm where its own lies will generate a very real self-immolation.

NATO has accidently stumbled into the arena of truth, where its lying nature will be truly revealed by events which will answer its lies. No longer able to fool the complacent Western nations of TV-watchers, it will attempt to fool the Kosovoan wind. But that wind is divine, and it will blow back into NATO's face with humiliation. And if NATO perseveres, that humiliation will become death.

Poisoning is indicated, even as NATO has poisoned a sovereign land with its weapons of destruction, even as it poisoned the mind of humanity with its propaganda and lies. Drugs will be a problem, for NATO itself is an artificial drug in the body of mankind, a sort of rough amphetamine-buzz of militaristic jargon that sought to replace normal human diplomacy with the Nazi-talk of NATO-speak.

The fear will be immense, and it will grow and grow. There will be fear in the ranks, fear in the higher echelons, fear everywhere. The nights will be very dark, and the ordinary soldiers will feel the loneliness of being without friends. For when you know yourself to be in the wrong, when you know that you are on the side of evil itself --- then you must feel that mankind, the earth, all Creation, and God Himself are your enemies. And that, indeed, is a lonely position.

These subtle perceptions, of course, will not be immediately known to everyone there. No, the people of NATO will initially identify with their outgoing role, with the friendly savior archetype come to save the day. The misguided children-soldiers will try hard to continue in their Western social traditions. But after awhile, even they will know that their imagined self-image is absurd.

Those who wish to attack NATO will often do so by creating confusion of various kinds. Accomplished strategists will fool NATO over and over again, for NATO's fate is to understand no truth until it dies --- for NATO itself denied the truth whenever it could. Thus doing, so it will be done.

Servants may appear who later become killers. Numerous enemies will harass the NATO people from hidden and protected places. The harassment will be continuous and unrelenting. There will be considerable illness.

NATO will not achieve its objectives. The leaders will make serious errors. The occupation will not live up to expectations. It will all be for nothing.

If the people NATO were to ask my opinion on their stay in Kosovo, I would advise them to leave immediately and begin friendly reparations to the Serbs --- and never mind the cost. But they would not listen anyway, and so they must go down.

The end of the matter will be a decisive, Plutonic word which will end NATO's domicile. This will happen ruthlessly, without any possibility of appeal.


Robert Tkoch, Astrologer


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