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Anti-Censorship News Agency


by Guillermo Coletti

Высадка десанта НАТО

United States has accomplished its short term goal of occupying Yugoslavia militarily. We can say that a war has ended. We can also say that only phase one of a war has ended, for the aggression against the Slavic nation can not have all of its goals accomplished with a simple military victory. Something really dangerous to the American Way has managed to survive in these people: their spirit, and against that spirit is that a new war, or phase two of the same war, will be waged. 

The invaders will try to bend the Slavs, to transform their society the same way they tarnsformed Bangkok, just another playground for the chosen crowd.  Perhaps one day the women of Yugoslavia will stand in long lines, waiting for an opportunity at auditioning for Larry Flynt.  What can be more desirable, for American policymakers, than a feminist movement in the heart of Serbia, or a Gay Pride Parade in Belgrade?  Don't be surprised if those days come, greeted electronically by a cheerful American media as a triumph of openness and free speech.  But of course, my friend, you and I will know that all of that will just mean another American victory.