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Bob Djurdjevic
Phoenix, Arizona
e-mail: bobdj@djurdjevic.com

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              July 3, 1999; 07:35 PM
              Toby Harshaw
              Letters Editor
              New York, NY
              Subject: Letter to the editor Re. Thomas Friedman's OpEd, "Was Kosovo World War III?" (July2, 1999)
Dear Mr. Harshaw,

Was your columnist, Thomas Friedman, inhaling as he wrote his "Was Kosovo
World War III?"-column? (NYT, July 2).  Or was he eating a Quarter Pounder
made with Mad Cow beef?  For, rarely has so much junk food for thought been
compacted into so few words.

Take Mr. Friedman's self-aggrandizing Golden Arches Theory of Conflict
Prevention, for example: "No two countries that both had a McDonald's had
ever fought a war against each other since they each got their McDonald's,"
he quotes himself.

Mr. Friedman has obviously never been to Saigon.  Or Baghdad.  Or Panama
City.  Or Teheran.  Or New Delhi and Karachi.  Or London and Buenos Aires.
Or Belgrade...to mention only some examples which send his junk food theory
on foreign relations to the junkyard where it belongs.

I went to Belgrade during NATO's bombing of Serbia.  One of the first
things the Serb citizens shut down after NATO's attack on their country
were the McDonald's restaurants.  I took a picture of one of them.  Instead
of the Golden Arches, the building had huge TARGET signs plastered all over
its facade. 

In case you or Mr. Friedman haven't kept up with the Serb TARGET sign
global mania, they were not ads for the Target stores.  Perhaps you can
explain that to your junkyard columnist?  Once he recovers from inhaling or
eating Mad Cow beef.  Thank you.

I invite you and your junkyard foreign affairs columnist to visit our Web
site and check it out for yourselves
http://www.truthinmedia.org/Kosovo/photos.html   And then maybe you can
both quit serving junk food for thought to unsuspecting Americans.


Bob Djurdjevic, Founder,
Phoenix, Arizona